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We need you to help free an entire culture.

AJHR uses all human rights advocacy tools.

We fight for those silenced in Turkey and beyond.

AJHR is a global network of volunteers who support human rights.


Persecution in Turkey is at an all-time high. Our job is to spread awareness about this problem. We can only achieve this through developing national and international awareness. Please join us in responding to injustice.
We can’t protect human rights without you. If you would like to help people who really need it contact us today.

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A Massive Persecution Summary

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Legislators in America believe in freedom. And they don't just believe in it within their own borders. Congressman Jeff Duncan supports human rights and liberty around the world. Read more about his mission here.
Support for human rights is not bound by borders. American legislators continue to support our cause. They believe that countries must come together to protect our rights.
Bodyguards for President Erdogan attacked protestors in Washington. The New York Post examined the evidence and it is conclusive. Witness accounts, videos and pictures all tell a clear story. Photo Courtesy of Telesurtv.

Nonprofit partnerships are essential. We want to work with you for your cause as well as ours.

  • Current Partnerships

    Our current partners include:
    - The Atlantic Institute
    - The Istanbul Cultural Center
  • Future partnerships

    New connections are important to our growth. If you work with an organization that shares our values please contact us.